New Album: Matters of Great Importance

2008-04-23 04:50:39 by Dan-Plus-Add

Hello Newgrounds! I'm here to announce that I will finally be releasing my new album: Matters of Great Importance.<br />
Release date: 05/05/2008 @ 0:00 GMT, Worldwide.

It'll be available free at my website as 128kbps MP3s, as well as being sold there at higher quality and on CD though CD-Baby.

To help keep you updated, I've started a mailing list, which you can sign up to here.

I know it's a bit pre-emptive but I'd really like to thank everyone who's shown interest, support, promotion, generally given love, and helped me out with the album over the past few months. I wouldn't be making this announcement right now without you. I can't wait to release it, and I hope you'll enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Thanks! Lots of love

New Album: Matters of Great Importance

Nerdapalooza UK!

2007-12-09 10:51:53 by Dan-Plus-Add

There's no confirmed date yet, but I'm going to be playing at the awesome festival, Nerdapalooza UK, celebrating geeky music and culture with a host of excellent geeky musicians!

I'm going to be playing alongside tons of great artists from all of the world of geeky music including Category, Clanky Robo Gobjobs, Dual Core, Falco Lombardi, GirlJoy, Pixelh8, Superpowerless, Swampyboy and the organiser, Mister B, as well as many more to be confirmed. It's going to be ace, and will be in Leeds, at some venue, at a point some time in 2008!

Nerdapalooza UK!

ID3 Tags

2007-08-31 17:20:12 by Dan-Plus-Add

I'm pleased with the responses I've had to my music, I really appreciate it all, thanks. I'd like to say though, if you download it and you're a user, don't forget to make sure the artist name is correct, because I'm listed as "Dan Plus Add" and not "Dan-Plus-Add" - though this is only relevant if you, like me, scrobble your tracks with

Either way I hope you enjoy it, and I appreciate feedback.